JSGM En Español

Hola Amigo!

Joe Santana Global Ministries from the very beginning has envisioned being a bilingual ministry. Our goals are strategically set up in phases, and the first stage was accomplished. The English component of the ministry has been established, and it was confirmed with encouraging feedback from faithful partners.

We are now at the next stage in the process. We are ready to implement the Spanish component of JSGM in the very near future. This will consist of all of the ministry’s English resources, which will be posted on the Spanish version of the website. This phase will also begin the process of gathering material for the Center for Hispanic Outreach, which will come in the distant future. The purpose of the CHO is to provide biblical leadership development in Spanish so that men and women might be more effective servants in their local church (i.e. pastors, women’s ministry, lay leaders, etc.) or their place of service for the Lord (i.e. mission field, business sector, etc.). These individuals would be those that do not have the time, resources, or credentials to attend formal institutions.

I believe this is the unique element that Joe Santana Global Ministries brings to the kingdom of God. We can speak at conferences, retreats, events, or evangelistic campaigns when churches or organizations are in need of speakers as well as provide biblical leadership development. We can accomplish this task in English or Spanish and due to my training and skill set, those whom we serve can be confident that they will receive sound preaching, teaching, and biblical leadership development.

I am thankful for our progress at this stage in our service for the Lord. I am equally grateful for those of you who have embarked on this journey with us. I encourage you to prayerfully consider partnering with JSGM for the best is yet to come!

In His grace,